Letters to Joe Mac Stripped: Dear Joey McIntyre Part Quatre

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 10.49.39 AM

“Love conquers all. It crushes hate. Love crushes hate every single time.”

Joey, Joesph, Joe,

We all love a good studio record. You know what I love more? Acoustic sets. Today I thought I’d strip away all my fan girling, all the hype and write from the heart.

The blockheads know that you love your family so much. Being away from them a lot is tough, but we know how much you love them. That in return makes us Blockheads love each other as well.

I remember when you performed “Soliloquy” from the musical Carousel on the 2011 Cruise. It’s a natural male instinct to want a boy. Towards the end, the character has a revelation that he could very well have a daughter instead of a son. I got so emotional watching how much life you brought into the song. Kyra’s growing up so fast, and it’s so amazing to see that your children are such a big part of your life.

The day after the horrible tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings, you called into a local radio station. It took a lot of guts to speak out after something so heartbreaking. I wanted to hug you so badly when you started crying. You ran that marathon for your mom. The DJs were right. That attack was horrific, but WE are all so proud of you for finishing the race. It warmed my heart to see you hold up that medal on this year’s cruise. You worked hard, deserved, and earned that medal.

My words on here pale in comparison to your eloquent and beautiful blog posts. For what it’s worth, I consider it a big honor to be a part of this family – the block family. It doesn’t matter where or when I became a part of it, what matters is that the eternal love between my 5 brothers and a million sisters is going to keep me here for a long time.

Love Eternal.

“Don’t forget our dreams. It lives on endlessly.”

xoxo – SP

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