My Artist Soul Mate: Dear Joey McIntyre Part Cinq

Joesph, Joey, Joe,

I was reading a book, and it talked about ‘corporate soul mates.’ Not a person for an office romance. A corporate soul mate, connects with you. He also pushes you to bring out your best. I think the same principal can apply between a fan and an artist.

For people to be ‘soul mates’ in any regard, there must be a connection. We’ve never met, but that’s the beautiful thing about music. People can relate to music through interpretation. There are a million reasons that you’re a huge role model to me. Simultaneously, there’s something unexplainable about that connection I have with you. I can’t explain it, but I know it makes me happy.

Your character speaks volumes to me.  We’re all human, but not all of us are ‘real.’ I’ve been a fan of yours for 8 years. I’ve never seen anybody so committed to their family, their colleagues, and their fans. When that young lady in the Coming Home DVD was crying on your tour bus, it absolutely made me smile when you were so adamant about getting her tickets. Beyond tickets, autographs, and M & Gs, you go out of your way to make people happy. Whether it’s being goofy to make us laugh, saying hello to us when you’re out and about, or allowing us to be a part of  the journeys that matter to you, we appreciate your kindness. Thank you for showing the world that positivity is a great thing.

Does being artist/fan soul mates sound far fetched? Maybe. 😉 What’s not so crazy is how much you changed my life. “Dancing With The Stars” is now a huge part of my life. You made that happen. Life gets rough. You make me power through those tough times, so I can pursue my dreams. Thank you for the love. “Love crushes hate every single time.” I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be my artist soul mate.

“And I Will Pray For You And Me, That Our Love Lives On Endlessly.”

xoxo SP

One thought on “My Artist Soul Mate: Dear Joey McIntyre Part Cinq

  1. Hey Steph! 🙂 Love this blog, too! I hope it actually lets me post this comment because I wrote one before and it said it couldn’t post. 😦 I wanted to tell you I consider Joe my artistic soul mate, too. He inspires me to write and the main character in the book I’m trying to get published is based on him. Well, not so much what I think he’s like but a character I’d love to see him play when/if my book is ever made into a movie. One of my dreams is to write with him someday. Don’t know if that’ll happen but ya never know! 😉

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