5 Questions for “Dancing With The Stars” Tristan MacManus

Tristan MacManus and Valerie Harper strike a pose for their official “DWTS” promo photo. (Photo Courtesy of ABC)

Tonight Pro Dancer Tristan MacManus dances with Valerie Harper for the first time on “Dancing With The Stars” Season 17 premiere. The beloved audience favorite pro dancer tells me more about what it’s like to have the former “Mary Tyler Moore” show star, Valerie Harper, as a partner.

Valerie has an infectious positive spirit how does that play into your rehearsals?

Valerie is super fun yeah so I really enjoy our rehearsals I stay entertained all day and get to have great conversations with a very positive down to earth person. Valerie has had a dodgy knee so we have missed a lot of physical training but we have been very productive with our time and its given us a wee bit more time to actually get to know each other.

You’re going on the January DWTS Cruises! Why should fans come on these cruises if they missed the last few ones?

I don’t really know! I really enjoyed the cruise so if you want to come see some dancing, do some dancing, ask some questions take some photos and see some beautiful parts of the country if its something you have an interest in and can financially make it happen why not treat yourself?!

I really want to ask you about your interest in hosting. So many people gave you great reviews 
for you hosting duties for “Ballroom With A Twist.” Is that still something you want to pursue?

I love hosting. yeah its a lot of fun for me. I like to interact with people and I love being able to answer direct questions with people and have a bit of banter. I get to choose what I say and what people hear from me. So, it’s a bit different from the show in that sense! Hosting is definitely something I am trying to pursue.
What does that extra day of rehearsal mean for you and Valerie?

At the moment we don’t actually get an extra day. Valerie takes her medication once a week which I believe will be after the show on Monday night, and then needs to recover the following day. So, it will be no different for me really. It gives me the day to make sure its all together and then its just a case of trying to see what works and what can be retained for the week everybody has only four hours a day this season to rehearse so we just have to get on with it.

If you had to give a message to fans regarding either this season of DWTS (OR life in general) what do you want to tell them?

I don’t have any messages really just be yourself and make your own decisions on things at least that way you have no excuses. We live with our own successes and failures so just take responsibility and change what you don’t like and justify what you do.

Thanks for the interview Tristan! Look forward to seeing you dance with Valerie!
Tristan on Twitter: @TristanMacManus
Voting info for Tristan & Valerie: Phone lines open when the show starts (in your time zone) and lasts until 1 hour after the show.
 Call: 1-800-868-3410
Vote on Facebook!
Vote on ABC.com

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