#TrebunskayaTalks: Anna Trebunskaya on “Dancing With The Stars” Season 17

Anna Trebunskaya - Photo Courtesy of annatrebunskaya.com
Anna Trebunskaya – Photo Courtesy of annatrebunskaya.com

“Dancing With The Stars” Season 17 approaches week 3 next Monday. There’s someone notably missed on the show. While the show’s new format, set design, and quicker pace prove to be exciting things, long-time fans of the show miss one very lovable red head, Anna Trebunskaya. Anna takes this season off as she focuses on a new venture. Trebunskaya delivered the news to US Weekly  she is expecting her first child. Although she’s not on DWTS’s ballroom floor, she still maintains a busy schedule. You can see her weekly with the “AfterBuzz TV: DWTS” gang (Kristyn Burtt, Suri Serano, Jake DuPree). Anna also teaches at her studio You Can Dance in Hermosa Beach, California. Read below to see Anna’s thoughts on this thrilling season of “DWTS.”

There’s a lot of talk about how there’s no dead ringer this season, because of all the celebs with dance experience. Do you think this evens out the playing field a little?

There are way more celebs this season with dance experience , but there are still a half without it completely. I think it just makes it harder for the latter ones. For example: Keyshawn just went home and he had no dance experience at all. Because of the way the voting process works – judges have the last vote, and they will always go for the better dancer.

Obviously something has to get cut in order to fit the 2 hour, one­night­a­week format. What would be the one thing you campaign the hardest for to stay on the show (i.e. AT&T Spotlight Routine, Macy’s Stars of Dance, etc.)?

I would love to see back AT&T Spotlight performances and Macy’s Stars of Dance . The first brings amazing stories and awareness on how dance can truly heal and be inspirational. The Stars of Dance are just phenomenal master pieces that gives audience an opportunity to see something spectacular.

Name one female and male contestant to look out for.

I think its’s Amber Riley and Corbin Bleu if we talk purely dance, but the ones that my heart goes to is Valerie Harper and Jack Osbourne.

The Argentine Tango is one of my favorite dances! What are some tips on how to dance a compelling AT?

There are so many styles to Argentine Tango, but in essence it’s about a man leader and a woman follower. Be aware of your partner and not so aware of yourself.

What are you most looking forward to watching this season of DWTS?

As always : great dancing, entertaining performances and heart grabbing stories behind all the glitz.

Thanks for the great interview, Anna! 

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