Tristan MacManus – My Interview With the Irish Dancing Dazzler

Tris Tristan captured many more hearts this season on of  “Dancing With The Stars.” Although he made a heartbreaking premature exit, he continues making audiences swoon and smile over his cameos weekly in the energetic eye-catching bumpers. Tristan talks with me, and we even have some guest questioners.

America fell head over heels for Valerie. What was it like for you to hear from her long time fans?

I’m not too sure how many of Valerie’s long time fans directly got in touch with me, but the support and well wishes were immense and I know how appreciative we both were and still are for it. It was great to see the support and backing that Valerie has in her life because she deserves it. It’s always interesting to see how peoples fan base works because you have diehards who cant see anything wrong with what you do and then some who just rip the other couples apart or write essays on why you should win it’s very amusing and its great for a giggle when you have time to look back on it all.

Did you have a favorite dance that you did with Valerie?

I didn’t have a favourite. No, I enjoyed them all for different reasons so I guess whatever one Valerie preferred is probably the stand out I think “Carry On” was a great dance to finish on. The first dance was the easiest because we had the longest to rehearse it but I was happy with the reception we got for each dance and the emotions that our last dance brought up especially for Val.

The Emmys was a big testament TV shows like DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance increased dance’s popularity. What are some positive things that dancers can do with this growing platform?

I think the Emmy was great for Derek, and he thoroughly deserved it.  I guess it does in its own way help all dancers certainly to have that category in these awards. It is a start but maybe because its another goal that people can work towards is a good sign. Any type of show that has a dance topic I think helps dancers, but at the end of the day they shouldn’t define dancers. Most of the greatest dancers on earth past and presents haven’t been two inches from a Tv show. The important thing is that people see the value in whatever they do and if an Emmy is a goal that any dancer wants to now achieve and that door has been opened of course its a major achievement. What dancers need to do though is find their own ways of using their dancing to better themselves not follow a trend. DWTS and SYTYCD have been done now along with other types of shows what people need is to base things on their reality and their journeys be it a new show concept- movie, art, music, stage.

The next questions come from a few fans!

Angela aka @Mrs_ATA asks the following Qs: [Did] you approach teaching dance differently due to Valerie’s circumstances? And have you found teaching to be more gratifying because of her circumstances? 

I don’t think its more gratifying. No, I think when you teach you have to improve a student, and that is the only goal. You can’t treat people different in that sense. If I teach people with a condition of any sort I need to find ways for them to discover their full potential, and if they are enjoying it and feeling better then Im good- the happier people are the more gratifying it is.

We’ve never seen you so emotional. Can you tell us if you can what made you so emotional in rehearsal?

It could have been the drink!!! I’m only joking its a very emotional show and process always for different reasons. I invest a lot in what I am doing and in the people I work with. Sometimes it’s events of the week and sometimes its just a conversation that you might have that comes up a little later on in the day and something clicks and you get it. When you can see the expression in somebody’s face when you know how critical and down they have been about what they are doing all of a sudden start correcting their own mistakes- for me thats what it is all about- not being good on a monday but being able to retain and improve yourself afterwards.

Nicole aka @yankeechick17 asks: what dance genre best describes your personality?

My personality changes so often I get bored easily so I couldn’t pick one particular dance- different situations make me behave differently to feel comfortable so the dance would change too much to answer!

Thanks to Tris and our guest interviewers! For all things Tristan, Follow his Twitter: @TristanMacManus and visit the site 

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