2013 – An Extravaganza Worth Remembering

“The journey is the reward.” – Steve Jobs

2013 was in short a spectacular year. It certainly had a few heartbreaking moments. All in all, I’m the type of person who looks on the positive side on things. Since I’m an aspiring late night TV host, let’s do it like they would – TOP 10 MOMENTS OF 2013! HERE WE GO!

10. Going to TedxOU with my sister!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.21.23 PM

Hearing some of the brightest intellectuals I’ve ever met speak a was extremely a profound moment of the beginning of the year! And to do it with my sister made it all the more wonderful.

9. Interviewing the lead from my favorite movie!

How often do civilians who aren’t professional journalists get to say that? Not many… and Paul Mercurio from Baz Luhramann’s Strictly Ballroom was a down right gentleman. I couldn’t have been luckier to interview him and others this year!

8. Starting off the year interviewing Tristan MacManus

Tristan is one of the most humble men in show biz. You’d think being on “Dancing With The Stars” would go to one’s head. I’ve worked with him on interviews for more than a year now, and I proudly say he’s genuinely sweet every time. Thanks, Tris and cheers to a wonderful 2014 for you!

7. Getting not one but two tweets from Joey McIntyre!

It sounds juvenile “fangirling” over getting a tweet from a boybander… But since Mr. Mac isn’t exactly the most social of social media users, it was truly a sweet sweet moment for me. Plus, I consider him to be a HUGE artistic motivator and role model.

Oh speaking of awesome tweets… the time Nathan Fillion pwn’d the answer to my question was pretty amazeballs too. haha

6. Zac Levi surprising me with a playbill signed by the entire cast of First Date!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.21.32 PM

Zac Levi  gets 2,000 brownie points (or they deserve legit brownies haha) for taking some time out and sending me some love in the mail. When I asked him for a playbill since I couldn’t make it to NYC to see his show, I never expected him to send me a playbill signed by the whole cast. It just floored me and it’s a testament to how down to earth and genuine he is. Thanks, Zac!

5. Falling back in love with Broadway!


I love the performing arts. When something’s live, you get swept away and captivated in the moment.  Seeing Wicked with my best friend, Lauren was pretty awesome!

These past couple of years, the shows didn’t really catch my eye too much. I’m sure they’re all fantastic shows in their own right, but something about First Date really made me love Broadway musicals again. The witty writing, the fabulous songs, everything about it really just made me love the stage once more. I’ll forever cherish my keepsake from the cast.

3. Graduating college with my sister!


There were times I didn’t think I’d graduate from The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s degree. To have it happen and for my sister and I to share that moment was pretty phenomenal, or should I say PHAMnomenal. 😉

2. Getting hired by Norman Public Schools

Thanks to NPS I’ve gotten to do some pretty great things… and WITHIN MY FIELD! I feel so blessed, and I love waking up every day and seeing those young students bright and early in the morning. They make me laugh, remind me why I’m in this profession, and why I’ma a dreamer.

1. Spending time with Phamily and friends.

GradLaurenandI DSCN0072

Whether it was meeting new BHs, spending time with my Best friend and her lovely beau Jeff, or spending time with pals reminds me of how fortunate I am to have such great people around me. My Phamily is nothing short of amazing. No matter what downs we have, we’re always there for each other. I’m so proud of my sister, Jennifer, for taking a chance and broadening her horizons in DC. She inspires me to continually chase after my dreams. The little sister, Valerie, constantly surprises me with smarts and talent. My parents… I may be the goofball, quirky child with flaws, but for them to support me in my endeavors means so much to me.

Cheers to a New Year, everyone! May 2014 kick 2013’s in awesomeness! Dream bigger, DO, and make memories you’ll keep forever.

– Steph

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