Thank You… Jimmy Fallon

Thank You Jimmy,

Before “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” I never watched an episode of late night talk shows. It’s funny how after 5 years I go from having never seen late night to becoming an aspiring late night TV show host. Yes, the impact you left on me was large and remarkable.

You made me want to be a late night host, because your show’s the “home cooked meal” you look forward to at the end of a long day at work — that meal would be “food for the soul.”

Just like how dance is a cathartic release of expression and emotion for me, enjoying comedy goodness helps me maintain a positive outlook on life daily.Whenever I’m down, you never fail to cheer me up with a few hashtags, sketches, lip synch battles or my favorite the digital originals. I hope if and when I do become a late night TV host I’ll be able to share the same gift of laughter as you so graciously have for so many years.

This year I’m applying for the NBC Late Night Writer’s Workshop. Regardless if I make it or not, I want to thank you for motivating me in this direction.

Thank you to the Late Night Bloggers who I always had fun live tweeting with. Thank you to the amazing writers who kept me laughing my ass off every night. To Higgins, The Roots, and all of the late night crew you guys create the chemistry that makes the show a success.

To Jimmy,

Thank you for being the host with the most… heart that is. I look forward to kicking your ass at a lip synch battle on the “Tonight Show” someday.

— Steph Pham

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