Pip Takes 2014 – New Content, New Updates, New Year

Singer-songwriter Pip auditioned for “The Voice” nearly three years ago. He keeps himself busy these days by collaborating with other artists, filming vlogs for his Pipsters, and even shooting his very first official music video. Pip and I recently spoke about his plans for this year, and what is like to shoot said music video. Check it out!

Tell us about making your first official music video? 

It was crazy!! So much amazing talented people came in to help me on this one. Nanea Miyata directed and choreographed and it was just such a fun time working with her (as it always is) & then Nathan Haugaard came in as our director of photography and it was just fantastic!! So much fun dancing and working with Sydney in the bar scenes. Really SUCH an amazing experience for my first music video shoot!

You’ve been doing covers with a lot of different artists… What’s the process been like to collaborate with them? 

Working at the YouTube Space LA has opened up a lot of doors with collaborating on videos! I also signed to the YouTube network AwesomenessTV which has been great in putting me together with people and seeing if we vibe on songs! The process has been really smooth! Luckily, I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing talented musicians like CeeJ, Anthony Starble, Nathan Parrett, Kenton Chen, and my amazing cellist friends Michael and Jeness! Many, MANY more videos coming soon and I am very excited for the collaborations to grow as well 🙂

Any plans on dropping new music this year? 

LOTS of plans of dropping new music in 2014 🙂 Be on the lookout! TONS of YouTube content and maybe a new EP if we’re lucky 😉

2014 will be ____________. 

2014 will be the year that things really start moving forward. 2013 was a little stagnant – wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do musically, artistically or career-wise. But I’m going into 2014 with a very clear mind and a direct path and goal. 2014 will be EPIC. :p

Thanks, Pip! 
For all things Pip:
visit his site at PipMusic.com
follow him on Twitter – @pip_andrew
and subscribe to his YouTube page for weekly content – YouTube.com/pipmusic

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