Tristan MacManus on DWTS S18, Derek Hough, and More!

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“Dancing With The Stars” Pro Tristan MacManus and Sharna “Fierce” Burgess dance a solo in a opening routine.

“Dancing With The Stars” Pro Tristan MacManus continuously wins over fans after appearing on the show for six seasons (first a Troupe member then promoted to pro in S13). The dashing dancer himself took a break from his “Ballroom With A Twist” appearances to tell me about S18, acting in Nikki Lorenzo’s video, and more. Read on, fellow dance lovers!

Now having performed on a season without a result show, do you prefer having a result show? 

I did miss the results show but I don’t really mind it to be honest. Getting everything done in the one off show worked well I think, but at the same time its hard to potentially go home on what you did last week if you know what I mean. At least it seems that way! One season is hard to judge it on maybe with different circumstances this season it might bed down and we will know if it works or not.

Some of the viewers admire Derek’s talent, but think it’s time to give the other pros a chance at the title. Should Hough take S18 off or be on the judges panel next season?

It’s really up to Derek and where his ambitions lay I guess. Either way he is a great appeal and would be a great loss- maybe he has a lot of good offers, but not what he wants has come up yet, we will never now! People might say its the right time to go but every season everyone has as much chance as Derek to win- it’s funny when people suggest who is going to win before it even starts! You can only do what you can and everyone is always too quick to assume who is the best. There is no doubt that Derek is unbelievable but, I don’t think it’s right to suggest that he has to leave to ‘give the rest of us a chance.’ haha

In one of our interviews, you said you’d loved to partnered up with someone funny. Who would you choose as a partner for S18: Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman or Amy Poehler?

I think any of them would be great. I don’t necessarily mean a comedienne when I say funny. I would just want somebody who is very comfortable with who they are and are willing to just relax and have a bit of fun and have a sense of humor about the whole experience. It was great to see how Bill was last season. He was a comedian but didn’t just come in and tell jokes everyday you know he was funny because he is a funny guy but at the same time had no reservations or ego.

I’ve become a “Westie” (aka a person who loves West Coast Swing) myself. It’s only been on the show once (Lacey Schwimmer and Lance Bass performed it the same week Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo did). Have you ever danced WCS? 

I have danced WCS before, yeah. I’m not too familiar with it to be honest but I enjoy it. I think it suits me more that Jive and very much more laid back and lower down which I enjoy I think of it like a latin foxtrot in a weird kind of way. The Schwimmers are great at it and I love seeing them do it.

It was fun seeing you in Nikki Lorenzo’s music video! Tell us about that experience, and are more acting gigs in the future for you? 

Doing Nikki’s video was good fun. My mate Marc Cleary was directing it and asked me if I was free do give a dig out so I was happy to help. He is a really great up and coming director and I love his ideas I didn’t know too much about it before I showed up but it was run really well, and I pretty much just had to come in throw a few people around have a drink or two play some cards and not dance. So, I was pretty happy with the shift. I didn’t want to start Latin dancing or anything like that so it was good fun, and Nikki is a great girl so hopefully things pick up for her Im sure it will. I like to do stuff outside of DWTS that have nothing to do with dancing to be honest.

Finish this sentence: 2014 will be ___________. 

2014 will be…….what it is! We never know whats going to happen today or tomorrow so you just have to wake up and start as you mean to go- your decisions dictate what happens to you I don’t think anything is pre-destined.

Thanks, Tristan! 
For all things Tristan make sure to follow his twitter: @TristanMacManus

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