Why Jimmy Fallon Is My Comedy Hero


Jimmy Fallon starts his reign tonight as host of "The Tonight Show"
Jimmy Fallon starts his reign tonight as host of “The Tonight Show”

Dear Jimmy,

Tonight is like you said, “it’s TV history.” Amidst the hype, I wish you luck. I also want to thank you again (probably won’t be the last time either) for inspiring me to be a late night TV host. 

Every late night talk show host has his quirks. But Jimmy, you’re different. You make me laugh, and it comes from a genuine place. That’s the kicker. No matter how much success you’ve reigned in, you never stopped being so nice. People can’t stop talking about how kind you are to everyone. You’re truly a nice guy who doesn’t finish last in the least.

So, that’s why I want to learn as much as I can to follow in your footsteps. Whenever I get really down and I need a “soul-boost,” you give me positive energy to carry on. I dream of giving people those laughs whenever they need it. They say entertainment melts the brain… in some cases for me it can refresh the soul, and Jimmy you’ve certainly been a part of that these past couple of years.

So, Mr. Fallon, I hope all in all you enjoy tonight, because you deserve it. Funkin’ Go nuts, wear tight pants, do a dance, and have a blast. Thank you for being my “Comedy Chicken Soup For The Soul.”

Stephanie Pham aka your future contender of lip sync battles, and hopefully one day future late night host. 

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