“Dancing With The Stars” Loses Charm If MacManus Does Not Appear For S18

Dear “Dancing With The Stars” Power At Be,

The rumor mill runs rampart these days amongst the “Dancing With The Stars” community. Even though a lot of the chatter might not be true. There is one rumor with a strong possibility of being true that infuriates me. If Tristan MacManus were to leave, even just for this season, a poor decision will have been made.

This man is one of the most down to earth personalities that draws viewers into the show each week. Yes, he’s obviously handsome. The show needs humility to balance the opulence and glamour of the show.  I’ve interviewed MacManus multiple times over the course of two years, and he has been nothing but sincere and kind every single time. I’m certain most pros have a genuine passion and kindness, but you can tell with Tristan it’s not a “showbiz facade.”

Along with his kindness you’ll be missing his unmatched talent. All the pros have their fierce and unique display of talent. Tristan, however, is a unbelievable story teller. Isn’t that what also draws people into the dancing? The story behind the moves? Overcoming obstacles and coming out stronger?

MacManus has been a HUGE source of inspiration for me for the past two years. He motivated me to return to the dance studio. Dance has been my “soul food/medicine.” Without it, I wouldn’t have a creative outlet, and Tristan is HUGE part of making that happen.  Even though they say not to believe everything you read, you can’t help state your case in case if there’s any truth to the rumors.  So, to the powers at be… If it’s not true, disregard this novel of a complaint. If it is true, just know we MacManiacs are strong like the Irish, and we don’t go down without a fight. MacManus has helped us in more ways than we can count, so it’s our turn to help him if we can.


Steph Pham

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