Why I Choose To Be “Terminally Delightful”

Hey, everyone!

Long time no blog, right? I apologize for the hiatus on my site.

It’s a common (you might even say cliché) topic: but I want to talk about words… more specially the HUGE impact they can have with people.

There’s a song I’ve been editing for the local high school jazz choir concert. One of the line’s states, “Words regarded as a complicated tool.” There’s so much truth to that statement. You can bring someone up down or raise someone up, just by what you say and how you say it.

Lately, I’ve ran into SEVERAL incidents in several different places were people have chosen to use words weapons and break my spirit. I’m at a crossroads. I can use it to make me a stronger person.The other option is to let it completely mess with your mind and hurt you to a breaking point.

I love the fact Ellen DeGeneres ends her show everyday by saying, “Be kind to one another.” It’s so cheesy to say this, but it really doesn’t take a lot to be nice to someone. A smile, lending a listening heart and set of ears… The point is you have to TRY to be nice — no matter how rude or annoying the other person may be.

One of my favorite drag queens, Ben DelaCreme who was a major frontrunner on season six of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” became known for her “terminally delightful” persona. She admitted to battling depression, and this character has helped her become a more positive person. I think that’s beautiful, we all need to find something that makes us feel confident and own our awesomeness.

Be awesome… Be kind… and most importantly… Don’t ever stop being you.

Your forever enthusiastic and optimistic pal,



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