WCS Song Of The Day: “She Wolf” – Shakira

This track is such a staple in West Coast Swing! No matter if it is being played for a Jack and Jill or a social dance, this record’s musical breaks creates so many styling choices. Not to mention it is so fun to dance to! The followers can unleash their inner sassiness, and the leader show off their wild side as well.

Arjay Centeno and Sarah Vann Drake – Boogie By The Bay 2009 

These two are so wonderful with their musicality. I love how Arjay inserts his own funky style to the dance, and Sarah responds to it so well.

Ben Morris and Peggy Allen – Phoenix July 4th, 2010 

Westies know Ben for his spirited dancing and infectious energy, and Peggy was a great match for him! Between the glides, hip catches, and that awesome dip… They perfectly captured the song’s feeling in movement.

Michael Kielbasa and Melina Rameriez-Stuart – Wild Wild Westie 2014 (Second Song)

I was in the audience for this Jack and Jill! Such a blast. Who throws in Samba batucadas in their west coast? Michael and Melina that is who. So cheeky and entertaining. (P.S. Since when did “She Wolf” become a throwback track? haha I must be getting old).

Enjoy the examples and hey! The weekend is almost here so go unleash that inner wolf (or she wolf it that is the case ;))

– Steph


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