West Coast Swing Song of The Day: “Baby Workout” George Benson

“Baby Workout” may be a “throwback track,” but do not let that fool you. The fast footwork, breaks, and just sheer FUNKALICIOUS (yes, I said funkalicious) tone of the dance makes for a great surprise from a DJ for a Jack and Jill.

Robert Royston and Trendlyon Veal – Mad Jam 2014 

This was a great testament to one of Royston’s greatest strengths, musicality. He knew EVERY break, and so did Trendlyon.  Her confidence and saucy moves made this routine so eye catching. No wonder it won first place!

Barry Jones and JB Brodie – Austin Swing Dance Championships (2nd Song)

Jack and Jacks are some of my most favorite things to watch on the WCS circuit. There is nothing “taboo” or strange about it, it is purely about the dance. A man who can follow as well as he leads says a lot about him as a dancer. Barry Jones’s strong leadership paired up with JB’s sly and smooth feet made this Jack and Jack so enjoyable to watch.

So, hopefully this weekend you get the chance to get on the floor and… WORK OUT!

Shuffle to the left! and Wobble to the riiiiiiight, yeah. 😉


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