West Coast Swing Song of The Day: “Don’t Wait” – Maipei

A good thumping bass beat is like the heartstrings of a good west coast swing song. Mellow enough to make movements lyrical, but also has fast little quirky insertions to accent (like those little “HEYS!” I love hitting those breaks). Overall, it has become one of my favorite social westie tracks.

Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith – Lead/Follow Demo at Westie Korea 2014

Give Benji a fast song, and you would assume he drank 4 cans of Redbull beforehand. He has breathes such life into his dances all the time. Give him a slow song and he exercises such control. He does not over do it, and remains the “burst- of- sunshine – Schwimmer” we all love. Torri highlights the lyrical quality of this track. She knows how to melt into the song and creates this beautiful quality to it. I love these two!

John Lindo and Jessica Cox – Lead/Follow Demo at Finnish WCS Open 2014 

John’s signature mannerisms on the dance floor make him one of today’s crowd favorite champs. This song displays John’s passion for WCS. His leads flow with every transition, but never lose that Lindo sass. Jessica’s death drop, attitude spins and dips add a flare of sensuality to the dance.

So, whether you party it up or take things slow… Try adding “Don’t Wait” to your westie playlist for a memorable social dance.

— Steph



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