The West Coast Swing Life Told by FRIENDS

Ah, the life of the Westie… We eat, we breathe, we dance. WEST COAST SWING THAT IS. Whether you have been a westie for a year or 20+ years, you are a part of this marvelous community. So, without further ado, I present – The West Coast Swing Life as told by “FRIENDS.”

When  one of the pros ask you to dance…

how you doin




Attempting a really cool move you saw the pros do on YouTube, and then it goes horribly wrong…





What goes on in your mind when McCreepy asks you to dance…






The celebration dance in your hotel room after you danced with your favorite pro …    

chandler dance



When you and your partner hit ALL THE BREAKS. ALL THE BREAKS. 

lift jump



When you just want to make it out of freakin’ novice, and there’s 100+ other people with the same goal at your event.




When the judges say you lack musicality/swing content.

blahscrew you






Watching an old video of your early WCS….



When your choice strictly partner is taken… 




When you pull off a dip, backbend, or any other pattern requiring flexibility.

bendy gif 



When you feel the leader flex during a whip… 




Walking back from a solid J&J.




When you get a REALLY great compliment after a dance…




When you make new friends at an event and they cheer you on during your heat of a J&J.




Not seeing your westie friends until the next event.






And we wouldn’t have it any other way… #OnceAWestieAlwaysAWestie…

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