A lesson in West Coast Swing… From a Fortune Cookie


I received a “deep” fortune that came along with my meal yesterday. It was more of a Confucius says type of saying than a fortune (not that I bank on fortune cookies anyway).

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships are built.”

West Coast Swing intuitively inspired me to try things I normally would not do with my dance career. I am still a “newbie,” but I feel like I have been on an incredible journey.

This summer my friend Heather and I went on our first westie outing at Dallas’ Wild Wild Westie.  I was scared even before we went. Was my dance vocabulary elaborate to keep up with a dance scene bigger than home?

There was nothing to worry about at WWW. I met a lot of new friends who share the same excitement I have for the dance. Everyone was super gracious.Dancing with pros was intimidating, but some of the best memories I have of the event.

The whole event opened my eyes about facing fears and embracing adventures. It was a symbol of how far I come. Frustrations along my dance path made giving up tempting, but thankfully dance is very much a part of me.

Let your passion guide you. Not everything will be perfect, but growing experiences are sometimes the best ones. You can play it safe and anchor your ship in the harbor, or you can go out and sail where life takes you. Doesn’t sailing sound more fun? 😉 #LiveLife



— Steph Pham

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