“Just Hold On We’re Coming Home…” West Coast Swing – Art = Life = Art

The West Coast Swing community is a family. We may love each other like family, but we are also human.

I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed earlier and saw a post with a really heated topic within the westie circuit. I will not repeat it, because I see no need to fuel rumor mills that negatively bash other dancers. The focus should be on continuing the positive attributes.

West Coast Swing relies heavily on communication. The same should apply to the dancers themselves. We have a duty as ambassadors of this wonderful dance to communicate our passion and enthusiasm for this dance. This group notoriously has many young participants. It would be a disservice going against our mission of being a social activity/sport for all to enjoy.

Joining the westies felt like coming home. Everyone in my life had this zest and zeal for something… Where was my zest and zeal? I found it within an organization of approachable and accepting warm people. Sure, the dance is fun, but it’s the dancers behind who make it fun.

So, I encourage my westies reading this… from newcomers to champions to not let “negative” chatter/debauchery affect the reasons why you make this such an awesome society. Pass on more than just patterns, but the spirit and love you have for this dance. We grow to improve our dancing, but in return we also mature as people.

Dance on, laugh on, live on…

Life is YOUR dance. DANCE ON.

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