Off the Slot — When Too Much is Too Much in West Coast Swing

Listen. I am not naive. I am not a prohibitionist… I simply am a girl in the wonderful west coast swing community asking one fairly simple favor. DO NOT GET CREEPO DRUNK. 

My friends and I went out on a dance excursion last weekend, and I had a distinct moment when my leader “went way off the slot.” 

My jam song “California Love” came on, and I got super excited. Most of the leaders left the room, except for the men already dancing and then 2 leaders sitting out. The one guy who was blasted, smashed, wasted out of his mind starts schlumping his way up to me. We proceeded to dance. I tried to be a cooperative dancer. Smiling, laughing, then… it just went too far. He placed my no-no square right next to his and started grinding on me and dipping me as if I was a  stripper pole. NO. I could smell the reek of alcohol from his breath, and the whole time we were no more than 2 inches away from each other. 

I am not ignorant. Westies love their booze. Hell, I got drunk at a westie event and embarrassed myself in front of my favorite pro. I do not have room to judge. Just do not get creepo drunk. 

This goes for ladies as well. I saw plenty of ladies before being rude, snarky, stealing leaders… and flailing themselves in front of the pros as if they saw Cyrus or Bieber. 

I am not suggesting we ban alcohol at events… Good Lord no. You would not have an event/pro staff. 😉 But keep in mind we have an entire division in this realm devoted to juniors (people 13-17). They show up to these events and look up to the dancers they hope to be someday. What kind of image are we presenting as a dance organization if we show the future generation of swing we are ok with being sloppy, crude, and some cases… predator-like. 

I attend these westie events, because I enjoy the dancing and the people. If I wanted to be treated like a stripper pole being dry humped on all night I would go to the bar/club. I know, I know… comes with the territory. 

How about we make a pledge? I, (insert name here), promise not to get creepo drunk when I go social dancing from here on out. I will promise to always be respectful of my partner, and even if I get drunk… I will not sexually objectify or violate the opposite sex in any way shape or form. 

Bitch rant done. Westie out. 


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