Could I Be a West Coast Swing Event Director Someday?

West Coast Swing events embody the greatness of the dance. The familial environment, the education through workshops, the play and fun of social dancing all bring out the best of what westies do.

A monstrosity of logistics goes into planning and “Westie Weekends.” From volunteers to scoring to scheduling and the pro staff, it takes a village to build a convention. My mind’s been filling with thoughts of what I would do as an Event Director.

This is all hypothetical… and I obviously need to do a lot more research… BUT. I would love to do a Kickstarter to fund an event for my hometown of OKC.

OKC has a fantastic tight-knight little westie community. Some of my main goals of hosting an event in OKC would be to

a) give the locals who don’t get a lot of WCS travel opportunities a chance to be exposed to other dances from around the country.

b) Introduce OKC’s dancing scene to other regional and maybe even national dancers.

The tone and feeling of #SoonerSwing (thanks for coming up with the name, Heather!) would be very laid back, and the focus would be enjoying dancing.

So, to do a Kickstarter you need incentives… These might not realistically work, but here’s what I came up with for the different tiers of giving.

$5 – A gracious BIG thank you and shout on all the social media.

$20 – Entry Fee for J&Js waived!

$50 – Comp fee waived and a shirt.

$100 – Comp fee waived, shirt, and private with a pro.

$500 – Comp fee waived, shirt, private and EVENT PASS!

$1000+ – Comp fee waived, shirt, private, event pass, and a special spotlight dance in the pro show.

The TV/Film producer in me wants to plan, PRODUCE, and create this event so badly. OKC has so many great venue possibilities, we have a lot of cultural sights for downtime, and our westie community is always a hospitable one.

The of course will not happen overnight, but I would to see it come to fruition someday. Dreams happen for a reason. A few people who’ve been there and done this have offered their assistance and support. I could not be more thankful!

So, maybe someday instead of just YouTubing events… I get to live my dream of planning one. #DreamBig


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