Westie Side Story – Why It’s the Journey & Not The Destination In West Coast Swing

Yep. That is me. I am a Bambi. At that point, I had danced West Coast Swing for a couple of months. I cringe at the sight of this video EVERYTIME, but I know it serves its purpose.

A lot westies want really fast advancement into the next division (pssssttt I’m guilty of this too).

Everyone would love to be a Champion overnight. Then I remember all the people I admire… they worked for their titles. These dancers spent hours honing their craft.

Tons of effort must be made to progress. Along with social dancing, I have (and will) be taking private lessons, bought instructional DVDs, went to workshops… And yes… awkwardly practiced alone in my room. The fusion of all the different practice methods meld together to show improvement.

A year later and what do you know… “Steph’s groove” is born. haha Tons of work still needs to be done. However, throughout my video diary dance logs, I see growth.

That is what is so cool about this dance. You love it SO much that no matter what level, we all want to learn and grow. Sometimes, we westies need a breath. Enjoy the dance. Enjoy the journey.

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