You Melt My Swingheart — Dance Crushes in West Coast Swing

Dance crushes, most/all westies have them. A lot of people misread “having a dance crush” as having romantic interest off the floor. To that I say…


Dance crushes don’t only happen in the westie world I’m sure. You have those partners you gravitate towards.

The weird thing for me is I’ll develop one simply by watching a leader dance (thus my YouTube binges of my faves). The way he takes care of his partner can warm my heart. One of my pet peeves is if the leader makes it all about him and disregards that WCS is a partner dance. I’ll see leads out there take their time with their follow and showcase her, and that to me contributes to a strong leader.

Having a sense of humor helps as well! My personality on the dance floor is that I love to be SUPER playful with the music (whether it be the beats, vocals, lyrics, etc.). If a leader can share that same “goofball” mentality I do, my swingheart skips a beat.

Next time you’re at an event or at your local studio… Don’t be afraid to share a dance with your dance crush! It could be the start of a beautiful dance partnership.

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