“They Can Read All About It” – Weaving Story Into Dance

Beauty exists in choreographed WCS routines. I admire dancers who spend hours working on wowing the crowds with a story they created through dance. I would love to someday choreograph a piece telling my dance adventure through movement.

Discovering ballroom and latin set me on the right path. However, I felt like I had pages of an unfinished book.

My inner frustration kept me from enjoying the activity. Several people also tell me I could not dance. I felt unwanted and outcasted.

West Coast Swing was super welcoming. Nothing but positivity surrounds me. I have met lifelong friends, I enjoy myself every time on the dance floor, and I never feel like I could stop learning. West Coast Swing gave me a voice.

That’s why I chose “Read All About It” as my song for a routine.

The lyrics’ power lies within emotional words. “You’ve got the words to change a nation, but you’re biting your tongue. You’ve spent your whole life stuck in silence worried you’ll say something wrong.” 

I was afraid to speak, but WCS has given me a newfound confidence. My personality shines no matter who my partner is. I thrive within the beauty of a partnership. I want the world to know this dance changed my life. “I want to sing. I want to shout. I want to scream ’till the words dry out.” I envision this contemporary/lyrical influenced WCS routine. I want you to see the journey from start to finish.

Does a song out there tell your story? Does it make you want to dance? Dance your tale. Write the pages of your book. Go out and share your story.

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