Take One Triple Step at a Time… There’s No Need to Rush

West Coast Swing acts as one of my biggest life coaches ever. I learned a very important lesson this weekend…


This weekend I entered a Jack and Jill competition in the novice division. The words “it’s really who you draw” could never be truer. My partner and I had difficulty finding the connection with each other. I wanted to show my enjoyment of the dance even with the confusion that went on between us. Two individuals can do so much. We ended up placing last.

My impulse reaction was anger. I get mad about but never outraged. “LAST PLACE? AFTER ALL THE **** I’VE DONE TO WORK HARD! PRIVATE LESSONS, STUDIO TIME ON MY OWN, RESEARCH, NOTETAKING… I’M GENUINELY PISSED.” That went on for about… oh, ten – fifteen minutes. (Childish I know).

Westie Friends Keep You In Your Place

Seeing on paper that you are the worst does a number on you. Especially if you worked a lot off the floor. They did their best to keep me calm, and asked me not to take it so personal. It was just a number. This ONE number did not define my overall quality of dance. A lot of factors went into judging the fifteen to thirty seconds they saw you. That is how you know you have friends. They keep you honest and real. Us westies will not alway have amazing dances at each skill level. Learn from each dance and move forward to the next one.

In the words of Miley Cyrus (can’t believe I’m quoting her) “It’s the Ciiiiiiiiiiiimb” –

You know the overall mantra I write on my blog? It is not the westie destination, it is the journey? Whenever I was hopping mad I completely forgot that. I started out in this community with barely any westie friends. Now I have a plethora of them. I swore I would never do a J&J. I just did my second one this Saturday. Champions/pros were the heavenly dance gods/goddesses I saw on YouTube. Meeting them was the stuff of dreams. I met several of them this summer at my first westie event. The cherry on top is I actually get to do a ProAm with one of them in January. Someone who I looked up to for awhile. See…. I completely disregarded this stuff! Little ole’ me who could barely do push breaks a year ago… WEST COASTED IN BALLROOM HEELS is now crazy enough to do a ProAm.  Truly being a part of this community is about learning and having fun. I have gained so much since I joined. THAT Is the bigger picture.

I also just started west coast. There is so much to do and see. I am far from being done.


I LOVE THIS VIDEO. Brandon Marshall is right. You will fail more times than you succeed. Sometimes you will place 1st. Sometimes you will not make it past prelims. That is just reality. Even pros get beat at their own game. AND THEY ARE PROS. See the higher purpose. Keep those friends who keep you humble. And remember the journey. “Take one [triple] step at a time. There’s no need to rush.” 😉

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