What’s Your Why in West Coast Swing?

“We sit in the locker room and we ask ourselves this every game… ‘What’s your Why?'” I watched as the exuberant little JV high school footballer say in the package one of my media students produced. I decided to apply that to one of my biggest passions in life… West Coast Swing.

Why do I dance West Coast Swing?

If you asked me this question in the beginning of my WCS career, I would have responded, “because I want to dance like the Champions!” That still might be true, but as I am “constructing” and building on an existing dance foundation I found this beautiful transformation within myself.


I find myself focusing these days on the joy of learning rather than the craving of being a Prima donna. I enjoyed the company of fellow dancers in my former ballroom/latin careeer. However, I never felt like I had that creative outlet to fully immerse my personality and emotions into the dance. West Coast Swing allows me into insert my story into the dance.

My learning goes beyond patterns and technique. I learn new things about myself continuously with this dance. I build confidence more and more each time I dance. The community offers me new opportunities to put myself out there as a dancer, competitor, DJ, and event director.

There are pits. Not every minute spent dancing is pristine and utopian, and it is those lows where I learn about perseverance. I invested so much time and effort into this extension of who I am. If I give up on it… I have given up on an art form that takes up a huge piece of my heart.

Probably the most important “why” for me in WCS is my support system. The friends I make keep me grounded, honest and real everyday. They do not sugar coat anything, and support me no matter where my goals are in WCS. My coaches are extremely valuable. They see my vivacious passion and understand my desire to progress as a dancer.

West Coast Swing acts as my artist statement. Everyday continues to be a learning adventure on how many more ways I can express myself. So, I ask you this… What’s your why in West Coast Swing?

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