Put a Heart On Your Dance — Memorable Social Dancing in West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing dancers go to events for several different reasons… To watch and get inspired by their dance peers, compete, social dance… One thing a lot of westies love at events – Social dancing. Some of the most magical moments happen either at late night or during the dance breaks in between comps.

I came back from a dance weekend today, and I still have some of social dances replaying in my head. One of my favorite dances came late at night. I typically struggle with the slow, lyrical, and emotional songs. This time was different. I let my emotions dictate the movement. We had these great moments of hesitation to add drama, and even if I botched a few patterns, we smiled through it. Being calm, patient and letting the song breathe have all been things I have been working and I am so glad I felt confident with that dance.

Social dances are what I take away from westie events. As much as I love workshops and comps, social dancing builds us. Before most of us were competitors, we all started out social dancing. I love getting to know people through social dancing at events. You’ve never met and all of sudden you’re having a full blown conversation through movement.

Partaking in social dancing strengthens the westie community, and leaves us with wonderful memories. Enjoy the moment! Ensure that you and your partner have a marvelous time in those 3 minutes. Partner dancing is a dialogue. A conversation is only worth it if two people are involved. 😉

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