… And A Thankful Westie On The Dance Floor

There is a moment West Coast Swing consumes one’s life. Well, that moment was this whole year. I attended my first westie event at Wild Wild Westie (Thanks, Tracy, CJ, and Jay!). I went from swearing I would never do a Jack and Jill to competing in not one but three this year. West Coast Swing never sugar coated anything. There were and are plenty of highs and lows.  Even if things get sh*tacular in life, dance lets me be me. With that said I have some people to thank…

To my Phamily… I know you guys are not always 100% on board with me dancing so much. I do invest a lot of time and money into this dance. However, I appreciate you guys allowing me to travel, compete and practice. My heart asks nothing more than for your understanding of my passions. Thank you for being a part of me exploring my love for dance.

Lauren: My best friend! Your determination in pursuit of your goals is exactly what inspires me to dance. You’re so passionate about helping others, and I cannot wait to see you become a wonderful school psychologist one day. Thank for always supporting me in dance! Thank you for believing in this dreamer.

Heather A: My dear traveling westie sister. W3 will always be something special in my heart, and I am so glad I got to share that experience with you. There will be many more westie outings and adventures. You are fantastic. I am blessed that whenever I doubted myself you were there to open my eyes to the bigger picture. Thank for being an awesome westie sister. (P.S. MONTEREY CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH).

Annie L: Bambi sis! To the very first friend I made at W3. It has been such a joy to see your development as a dancer. You were always honest with me. Whenever I would berate myself you kept it real, but also encouraged me that growth was happening. Cheers, sis! I cannot wait to see you again. D-town won’t be the same when you put two of us bambis together. 😉

Jenn N: Little Miss Latin Dancing Queen. 🙂 Dancing sis, I cannot thank you enough for your numerous therapy sessions. You understand how psychology stressful dance can be. I will always support your enormous talent. You inspire me to work hard everyday to produce results. Keep being the beautiful, determined, talented dancer you are. Thank you!

To my Coaches… 

Tracy S: Yes, we only had two sessions together, but I call you a coach because I know it won’t be the last time we work together. 😉 You are so fun to work with! I love your positive spirit. Your guidance and friendship will be valuable for all my westie days. Keep up the hard work, and I cannot wait to work with you again someday.

Michael: Michael! It’s dancers like you who make me want to progress and grow in this scene. You’re a master technician, but also a gracious coach and lead. Your patience and careful direction are things I am grateful for in a coach. Thank you for taking a chance on me, and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Ben C: Ben, Ben, Ben.  Thank you for being supportive in the multi-faceted areas of my westie career. I couldn’t think of a better local coach. I love how we can get super technical over lessons, yet we end up bursting out in laughter at least once every lesson. Someone who has that great balance of having fun yet pushing me forward in my dance career is exactly what I need. Thank you for being a tremendous coach and friend.

To everyone in the West Coast Swing community I met this year… THANK YOU. This scene wouldn’t be what it is today without wonderful dancers like you. I always reminiscence on late nights, social dancing, westie chats, music sharing… and you all made that possible. Cheers – to more travels, many more memories, and a lifetime of wonderful dances. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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