Dancing With My Heart in West Coast Swing…

The new year brings bountiful opportunities for West Coast Swing events and competitions. With those competitions comes the common question… “How do I get better fast?” I cannot tell you the “quick fix” or the universal diagnosis. Whether you are a social dancer, competitor or any other member of West Coast Swing, you must ask yourself, “WHY do you dance West Coast Swing?”

Getting Lost In It All…

Returning from Monterey tested me mentally in dance. Doubts started leering about my abilities, and I began feeling frustrated with myself.  My dancing sister, Jennifer, brought me back down to earth.

Dancing Not With The Feet But With The Heart

My soul sought meaning post-college. I had my family and friends, but had not found something that made my spirit feel full. Enter West Coast Swing. Beyond focusing on being a “good dancer…” WCS taught me so much about growing and achieving goals I set for myself. Much like waiting for stretch in an anchor ( 😉 ), I learned success does not happen instantly. It takes hard work and patience. Everyone progresses differently. Plus, the support system I have is incomparable.

What It Is Really About… 

One of the most profound moments at Monterey Swingfest for me was not even a competition dance. When I thought I blundered everything during a social dance, my leader flashed the biggest smile my way. My heart felt a surge of calm and happiness. You can connect with someone physically in a dance. Moments like that remind me we all connect with each other emotionally when we dance as well. We feel joyful when we dance, and sharing that state of bliss is powerful.

A dancer can fix all their technique all they want.  The true mark of a dancer is the story, the passion, the heart he puts into the dance. Next time you start to feel like you’re “plateauing” or start to get upset with yourself that you have not reached “awesomeness” yet, Remember we are a lucky bunch. We Westies are all around the world. We do something we love, and we spread our exhilaration with each other. You can never have too much happy. 😉 #LifeIsADanceLiveLife

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