Westie Update With Steph Pham

Ben Morris and Steph Pham at the OKC Swing Club – March 14, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Happy Easter and hope you all have a swinging start to your spring. Let me catch you up on a few things. ūüôā

Ben Morris Weekend in March

First, a big thank you to Ben Morris for visiting the OKC Swing Dance Club and teaching a workshop weekend last month! Even though I could not make the workshops (BOOOOO!), I heard wonderful things about them. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the honor of having a second dance with Mr. Morris. I loved seeing a HUGE number of out-of-towners, and guests! Overall great success!

Where in the World in Steph Pham? 

A lot of people keep asking me what my next event is or what my event calendar is like. Sadly due to a lot of financial commitments (plus a busy work calendar) I am only able to squeeze in one more event this year, Wild Wild Westie. But I will be  keeping up with the westie world via friends attending events and those awesome livestreams! Cannot wait to root my friends on a SwingDiego!

For now I look forward to practicing and training for my next comp, DJing a little, and enjoying time with both my Phamily and my Westie Family. Thank you all for the wonderful support and I will see YOU on the dance floor!


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