#TBT ProAm 2015 Monterey Swingfest: The Catalyst to Westie Goals

Underdog… Reality states I should embody this word in every sense. Years of WCS experience: Roughly two years. Placements in Comps: Zero. Comps attended yearly: Two. But I refuse to accept that word. Six months ago one moment in West Coast Swing motivated me to set my sights higher – The ProAm at Monterey Swingfest 2015.

Moments before they call my name to dance with Michael Kielbasa, I remember this burst of jitters hitting me. I smile and enjoy the dances, even though internally I was thinking… “HOLY CRAP! Oh My God! Am I even breathing?”

Even though there are many things I wish I could have improved on my end, that ProAm sparked a fire in me to do even better with my dancing. My lesson following the ProAm elevated my dancing to a whole other level. I kept in mind Michael’s advice and had one of my best dances ever with Ben Morris during the auction.

My determination increased tenfold. My motivation to practice on my own at home daily has increased immensely. Social dancing has become so much more gratifying.

Michael, first of all thanks for taking a chance on this “Bambi” of a dancer who only worked with you one other time. haha Each lesson with you is a whole new experience that brings an abundance of benefits. Thanks again, and here is to our next dance. #DanceBucketListCheck

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