We’re Going to the Wild Wild Westie… And NEVER LEAVING! The Magical Tales of WWW2K15

Editor’s Note: For the official blogging and happenings of WWW2K15 Check out Liza May‘s account.

Here are my Top 10 Things I loved about W3 – 2K15 Edition.

10. The BBQ! 

Heather Antonsen and Rick Brunson at the pre-party BBQ
Heather Antonsen
Brandon Parker (Relief MC at WWW2k15)

Every year Amber and Brian Knorr open up their gorgeous home to over 80+ westies as a way to kick off the event. The pre-party has an enormous family reunion feel to it. Plus the social dancing. I don’t know if it is because so intimate, but people bring their A game.

The BBQ food deserves some serious credit. haha The ribs are so “fall off the bone” tender, you can just slide it off, ever so carefully with your fork…

9. The HOTEL

Photo Credit to The Galleria Westin in Dallas
Photo Credit to The Galleria Westin in Dallas

We made it! #Www2015 Dallas let's party!

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EVERYONE loves that hotel… The Westin Galleria being attached to a mall? Like seriously? The rooms are soooo luscious. A window seat, giant room (even for a standard), desk, TV, mini, bar… and an oasis of a bathroom… yes please.

8. The Ballroom

Opening Night of #Www2015!!! #WestCoastSwing #WCS

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Jay Tsai (One of the 3 Event Directors) and your team does such a remarkable job. The layout and structure reached perfection. The convenience of a table makes watching the comps, the shows, everything so easy. LOVED it.

7. The DJs

Ruby Lair, Cher Peadon, Helen Tocco, Chris Singley… Who tells you, you can play all this delicious music that makes me dance until I drop dead? 😉 I have never been close to ballroom shutdown time before. So many good tunes, my Shazam was on fire. Thank you for keeping the energy flow going!

6. The Workshops! 

Holy cannoli…These workshops were so brilliant the way they were constructed. No matter if you were student is W1 or W3, everyone got something out of it. The musicality one of Ben Morris and Jen Deluca for Level 1… You guys slayed that one. And teaching us how to milk moments so we can hit breaks.


5. The Pro Staff/Invitational

Michael Kielbasa, Steph Pham and Demetre Souliotes
Michael Kielbasa, Steph Pham and Demetre Souliotes

You guys… freakin’ rock. Thank you for making this little Novice Bambi/Baby feel like a “supahstah.” From spending time with you guys, to dancing with and learning from you… You all just amaze me with your graciousness. That Invitational… Brandon Parker (MC) is so right.. the energy is intense, and you feed off of it! Best. J&J. EVER.

4. Private Lesson with Demetre “Meech” Souliotes

Demetre Souliotes and Steph Pham

Loved working with this man. You became my big brother instantly. Yes, Meech I was pretty miserable by the end of the lesson. haha Instead of hating you coming out of it, I want to work with you more. You kicked my ass from here to China… If you look you can probably find “Steph Pham’s booty” in China. haha I respect you so much for not letting me get away with anything. That is what is going to help me improve.

What you said to me off the floor… I don’t think you know that you almost made me cry. haha Not because it was tough love, but because it came from a place of care. People have my back in dance, yes. The uphill battle I fought and I am continuing to fight has been a legitimate struggle. I never really felt belief in myself… and you, sir… Thank you for seeing something in me. 🙂 It means more to me than you know.


The people man… You cannot beat the crowd here… There is such a familial sense. You feel like you know these people forever. Even if you never met. This event brings in the best westies. And sharing that with my westie bestie, Heather… Priceless.IMG_2214


2. The Social Dancing…

From newcomer to Pro, every lead I dance with is FUN. That is probably 1st priority for me, and you guys sure brought the joy. Even at 4 am, when my body feels like it is in zombie mode. Thank you to every lead I had the pleasure of dancing with at W3!

1. The E.D.s CJ, Tracy Wang, and Jay Tsai… Y’all are the BEST. The Best E.D.s hands down. The meticulous detail you give to this event makes it what it is. I never want to miss this event again. You bring in high class staff, energetic and happy attendees, and the location is off the charts. *bows down* My hats off to your magical success.

Wild Wild Westie 2k15… You were wild for sure…. Until we meet in 2016. DANCE ON!

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