If Westie University Existed….

Ahhh… WestieU… where the hotels are our campus, workshops are our classroom and late night socials are one big giant frat/keg party.

How the first day of college would feel every year, if it was like the first day of events… 


How you greet people if you actually come to the class (aka workshops) after a LATE night…


To the chick who pre-gammed a little too hard before going to the party… 


When the Westie Professor gets a little theoretical with the class, and you just pretend to know what he means…

rachpretend Joeypretends

The popular westie guys who think they’re hot **** … 

Flirting how you doin

Your solution when no affordable/good food is around the university… Broke westies say whaaaa??


To the student who has a little trouble grasping the class’ concepts. 


When you don’t want to hear/see your test (comp) results…

joeyears ShutUp


You after you see your results…


But you’re really like… 


When you finally make a good grade (past prelims, semis and into finals)… 

Happydancechan HappyDancePheebs

Making the most awesome group of friends who basically… GET YOU. 

joeyhug friends

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