We Interrupt These Westie News For This Brief Update…


“OMG! I totally thought you were in California now!” “What you’re not from the Bay area?” “What’s new with you?Are you just dancing now?” These questions filled my conversations lately, and a realization dawned on me. My hobby of West Coast Swing dominated so much of my life, people had this notion my full-time job was a traveling dancer (I wish). Recent family events and discovering a new Netflix binge obsession of the “Property Brothers” both gave me the swift reality butt kicking and motivation I needed to reevaluate where my life heads from here.

My sister recently came home with a mission to metaphorically and physically clean up my life. I have this uncanny ability to hold onto things I do not need, because of their “sentimental value.” It felt awesome just to release all these “materialistic things” cluttering and consuming my  living space. My sister also mentioned it was great I found an activity I enjoyed and socialized in, but reminding me not to forget my very 100% real occupation of Video Production Assistant. My career pays the way for me to practice, train, and travel to compete in the craft I love.

How do two twin brothers with multiple successful design/lifestyle shows relate to West Coast Swing? Wellllllllll… First of all… amongst my love for dance, food, and travel, one of my other interests is interior design. If you are unfamiliar with the premise of  Jonathan and Drew Scott’s primary show, “Property Brothers” they take a client who wants all the lavish luxuries of a turn-key ready-to-move-in home… and shows them the potential of renovating a fixer-upper. Speaking of work, they recently did a great interview with Kelsey Humphreys on “The Pursuit” about what it took for them to build the media empire of Scott Brothers Entertainment. 

All this advice completely applies to West Coast Swing. When Drew mentions how he sees dreamers wanting the big dream of making it as an actor, host, producer… whatever the case may be… and they do a lot of talk and no action to back it up, the same thing happens in dance. Several westies want to be a Champion dancer overnight, but the continuous effort is not present. They do not have a coach, they do not attend group lessons, and they only practice occasionally – expecting to make it past prelim rounds in competitions. Unfortunately it does not work that way in life. We are those fixer-uppers. We need tons of work before our dancing turns into something noteworthy. Jonathan’s key advice of standing out… how many times has a judge, coach or pro told us that nugget of wisdom? We have to sell OUR brand of dance as individuals.

No, I do not currently reside in California. haha But one day because that is still one of my goals. I would still love to be able to be a full-time story teller, but keep West Coast Swing in my life. Or who knows… maybe I’ll be living in Vegas working for Scott Brothers Entertainment. 😉 That is one of the beautiful lessons of the Scott Brothers’ shows… keeping an open mind creates the wonderful endless possibilities. Hardships are always bound to happen, but as Jonathan says, “nothing worth having was ever easy.”

If I seemed like a ghost or you don’t see me dancing often in the near future, fret not. I have not hung up my dancing shoes for good. I just need to focus on my vocational area of me now, so I can do all that fun westie stuff I see all of you do so much. The hard work will be worth it in the end… Work hard. Dance Harder.

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