They Stole The Show – Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann Retire From Classic

This past Thanksgiving weekend “the Olympics” of West Coast Swing took place in Burbank, CA. The US Open hosted the home stretch of the NASDE Classic division. We saw new partnerships, blossoming routines from seasoned couples, and yes… the official retirement from the NASDE (National Association of Swing Dance Events) Classic  division: Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann.

When my Facebook feed flooded with the poignant news… I was stunned… It was like the time Benji Schwimmer announced he and Torri Smith were retiring from Showcase. It was like the time Ben Morris and Jennifer Deluca (or “MoLuca” as I call them) retired their partnership from the Classic division. So many greats leaving the routine divisions… paving way for new dreams and life goals…. Jordan and Tatiana soon followed suit. They may have won the Classic division 1o years in a row, starred in a movie, traveled the globe doing what they love… but what I’d like to write is how they influenced my westie career.

See… 4 years ago when I was in a ballroom dance class, one of the students had learned West Coast Swing and showed us a sample on YouTube to better educate us. It was thanks to this video right here….

that sparked my interest in learning West Coast Swing … I later binge watched their previous routines and this one popped up…

The amount of emotion displayed in dance. You could tell a story was being told and as a labeled storyteller, I couldn’t love anything more than a well told story crafted in movement.

Their routines continued to stun me and inspired me to learn more about this innovate and creative dance.

Not only are they amazing routine choreographers/performers… Jordan and Tatiana also captivated me with their improvised dancing as well.

Jordan… Tat…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You inspired thousands of dancers across the world to fall in love with West Coast Swing. Thank you for traveling to the remotest countries just to impart wisdom on enthusiastic westies you motivated…. Thank you for launching a part of my life that revitalized me and gave me a springboard for the future. Thank you for many routines that breathed new life, kept WCS fresh, and set the bar for dancers aspiring to perform routines. Cheers and best wishes on your future endeavors. Your debut WAS a masterpiece and final curtain call was a symphony.