Great Moments… To 2K15 & Beyond…

Hi, everyone,

Instead of my usual tradition of retrospecting the year’s highlights… I’d like to say some things about the present and the future… not as “Steph the Westie,” but Steph the passionate conversationalist…

Tonight, I finished binge watching one of my favorite series: “How I Met Your Mother,” for the 2nd time… And I sort of consider myself a female version of the lead character: Ted Mosby. His lifelong conquest was to find true love… For me when I became a part of this community, I thought my goal was to make it to the top. Not because of the glory attached to the “Champion” title, but because I wanted to become an inspiration to others in this community just as my mentors have inspired me.

I loved it so much that it truly became an obsession… Not like a cute Westie fangirl obsession. A legit bonafide “Westieholics Anonymous – people think this is your profession” obsessed. Just like Mosby, my eccentric enthusiasm got in the way of a lot of things. Family, career… It consumed me. Not to say West Coast Swing blessed me with wonderful experiences… I spoke about many of the lessons I learned from my coaches, attending dance events, and other westie wisdom I gained right here on this blog. After riding through a lot of lows and highs this year, I feel super enlightened. This moment I feel bold for all the risks WCS taught me to take… I feel more outgoing by all the new friends I made, and feel more humbled by the life lesson of not letting rejection stop you from moving forward.

In 2016 my goal is simple. DECLUTTER. That means physically and figuratively. Stop filling my life with stuff I don’t need (that applies mainly to the closet), and all the negative juju that closes doors not open them. So, dear friends… I hope 2015 taught you a few things, and in the words of Ted Mosby, “the great moments of your life will not necessarily be the things you do. They’ll also be the things that happen to you.”


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