#TheRoadToVegas: Discovering The Dream Job of Working for Scott Brothers Entertainment

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.21.40 PM

Now, people might ask me… Steph, why would you be so ambitious enough to dream about working for such a thriving entrepreneurial force? The goal might a strenuous one to reach, but that’s exactly why I want to reach it. SBE is responsible for many of the successful projects for J.D., Drew, and Jonathan Scott. I would someday like to not only to contribute to that success, but to also make my mark with such an honest, creative, and family-oriented organization.

My discovery of the brothers was last year, so I had no idea they previously hosted their own radio show: “Off Topic.” I’m a huge adherent of round table discourses and panels, so I immediately started catching up. Not only did I enjoy the diverse topics (i.e. from Trending Foods, magic, exercise, and holiday happenings…), but what I appreciated most was how honest and open they were with their audience. Most public figures like to maintain a particular image. There’s a facade where you don’t feel like idols are 100% genuine, or perhaps they’re reading from a prepared script. It was refreshing to hear them converse candidly about their views and experiences, and not just real estate and renovation.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, whether it be about the Scott Brothers or other entertainment figures.  If I ever become a part of SBE, I would love to somehow revive “Off Topic.”  What programs would you want to revive from your favorite celebrities?  Or, what new programs would you like to see from them?

The fact Scott Brothers Entertainment’s foundation’s built on a sense of community attracted me to the company. They help many families on their shows, but also do a lot for their own clan. They renovated a close friend’s ranch (which was down the road from their childhood home). They built a guest house for their parents when they renovated a “Scott Brothers” hub in Vegas. “Phamily” is the epicenter of my life. When searching for a place of occupation, an environment that’s built on supporting versus competing against each other is important to me. We spend countless hours at our job, so why not surround yourself with people you can call your work family?

My practices of continuous effort, desire to be forthright upfront and media background fits within SBE. My little sister telling me how much of an “Aha moment” discovering her dream job was reminded me of finding mine. There’s this sense of confidence that surges in your gut. Even if you don’t necessarily end up at your desired destination, it pushes you to better yourself until you finally do reach the place you’re supposed to be. New paths are paved in this new year… and this marks the beginning to the road of Vegas. The road to Scott Brothers Entertainment.

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