#StephSpiels: Scott Brothers Adding a Dose of Kindness to The Business World

How many of you had an “errand run” or a restaurant experience ruined out by bad service? Negativity in the workplace is not an uncommon occurrence. How does kindness win in business: an occupational world meant to be cutthroat? Earlier this week Jonathan and Drew Scott caught my attention showing the world hospitality has a place for prosperous entrepreneurs.

On one of my daily scrolls through Instagram, I managed to stumble upon this photo of the brothers…

We work with celebrities on a fairly regular basis, and I'll happily admit I grew up in a house without a hammer and don't think I've EVER turned on @hgtv … So when I tell you I had NO idea who Jonathan and Drew (@propertybrothers) were when they were announced for the #phillyhomeandgardenshow…it makes the following compliment heartfelt: They were two of the nicest TV personalities I've ever worked with. They made every person at the meet and greet seem like they were the only people in the room…each picture they took was genuine and different. So gentleman…this weary #photog thanks you for being awesome. #chorusphotography #officialphotographer #jointhechorus #photographer #photojournalist #hgtv #diy #phillyhomeshow #philly #phillygram #philly_igers #ig_philly #igersphilly #igers_philly #propertybrothers

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I’m sure the Taylor Swifts of the world and the Biebers treat their fans in a similar manner at meet-and-greets. Hearing it from someone who had never even flipped on HGTV, let alone know who the Scotts were, was refreshing. The fact these guys travel 10 1/2 months out of the year, speak/present at several events, and still respect the people who support their shows, music, and other business adventures reassures me generosity attributes to Drew and Jonathan’s success.

Stars partaking in the Make-A-Wish foundation isn’t reinventing the wheel, but I loved how I found out about The Scott Brothers and M.A.W.’s partnership. The normal “PR” action would be doing a news story or blasting on the idols’ social pages to boost the public image; getting the word out about how caring the star is. However, Emily’s father was the one to give a shoutout on Instagram. The Scotts rarely drag on and on about the good deeds they perform. If they see a cause they care deeply about, they want to spread the word so their legions of fans get behind to rally and raise awareness. No one likes a humble bragger, and Drew and Jonathan certainly don’t fit that title.

Doling out business advice at their recent panel at Apple (NY), Drew stated a piece of wisdom for everyone. “The one thing to look at is the integrity of your brand.” Graciousness definitely plays into their brand. They socialize with their followers on all platforms of social media, took 2,000 fans on a design cruise last year, and let’s not forget…the actual clients on their shows! These guys have their clients best interest at heart. A home is one of – if not – the biggest invest a person will make in their lifetime. They only work with the best crews and partners to make sure a dream home with the highest of standards is what they are delivering.

Kindness can make a business world go round, and Drew and Jonathan Scott have certainly proved that. Even if it’s just a small act of hospitality, you never know how big of an impact it leaves with someone.


Oh, and for another cool story on how kindness affects business, click this link here for an article in FORBES.

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