10 Reasons I’d Kick Butt at Buzzfeed

You see TONS and Tons of ” … Reasons for Buzzfeed to hire me” posts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.59.22 PM (2)

This is a list of reasons why if Buzzfeed hires me, I’d totally be kicking ass and taking names as a BF Producer Fellow.

10. As queen of “Birthdayland” (decorator of desks for office birthdays), chief of staff breakfast runs, and resident cheerleader, I like to think my positive personality would fit right in with Buzzfeed’s #NoHaters culture.

9. It’s rare to find a producer with experience in print, digital content, radio and TV. Well, fear not, I have experience in all of the listed above!  #IKnowMySh*t


8. I’m pop-culture savvy, and highly active on social media. I’ve gotten interviews w/ pro dancers on “Dancing With The Stars” for my humble blog, and several celebrities follow me on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.11.19 PM


7. WHEN I do make it to Buzzfeed, I’d like to produce new series involving my passions such as late night talk show hosts & home design. And hey, if I got to collab with bae (Jonathan Scott – “Property Brothers”), I’d be cool with that. 😉

6. I’m ASIAN!  Where most of today’s entertainment industry misrepresents or not even feature Asians, Buzzfeed has done a wonderful job representing Asian culture. Everyone says they want diversity in the office – make it a reality and hire me!

5. My interests are crazy ranged. Some of them include West Coast Swing, cooking, fitness, and binge watching “Property Brothers.”

4. My blog features artists interviews, hot topics, and documentation of my journey through West Coast Swing dance. I developed an established voice, niche audience, and I have a hit count of more than 27K.

3. I enjoy the digital age we live in. With Social Media dominating and streaming services changing our viewing habits, I genuinely want to be a part of that exciting shift of media consumption.


2. I’m an avid viewer of BF. I check the main channel everyday for new content, and my favorite part of watching BF vids is being able to laugh with my friends. Your creators are so relatable. With so much “fantasy” being doled out in today’s media, I revel in the fact that millions of people at home feel like a little piece of their story is being told in a form they watch on a consistent basis. 


1. My metaphorical middle name is bad ass! Something aside from my rosy and cheery disposition people take note of is my bravado. Even if I don’t ride thrill rides, I find my thrills in chasing my dreams.


You know you want to add Pham Bam to the BF sqaud.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’d Kick Butt at Buzzfeed

  1. Reason number 10.5: you don’t take up a lot of space, so really from a return on investment vs cost per sq foot you’re the logical choice!!

  2. You’re so energetic, a “go-getter”, inspiring, and your “never give up” attitude are infectious!! I can only imagine how awesome a work office would be with you around 🙂

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