Check Your Email!

Hello, everyone!

My, my it’s been a minute since I took my digital pen to this little space that is Steph’s public diary to the world. Spending 40 days away from social media cleared my mind with new perspectives, and I’m here to brief you on the outcome with Buzzfeed and some other job news.

So, YES! I finally got my application into Buzzfeed mid March. Well, a few days later I got an email from Buzzfeed saying they were interested in the interview rounds!

NBC/The Voice

But I shouldn’t have celebrated so soon.

Fox/ Miss Universe

I found it strange that the email said, “if you received an email yesterday… it means you are in the short stack of people we would like to interview.” My Gmail never alerted me of said email the day before.

A few days had passed and I assumed I didn’t get an interview since the hiring manager stated they’ll be contacting people with the next day or two for scheduling.

NBC/Tonight ShowWith Jimmy Fallon

During my “stuffing-my-face-with-endless-chips-and-crying” phase, I decided to search my inbox to see what the issue was. Turns out I did get a previous email from Buzzfeed displaying interest in interviewing me! Gmail so kindly decided that it didn’t belong in the priority folder. Nice going, Gmail. Yeah right, I’m serving you a nice steaming side-eye.


My other dream company, Scott Brothers Entertainment was hiring as well! Remember that moment from friends? Whenever Rachel got an interview with Saks fifth avenue and Phoebe says, “It’s like the mothership is calling you home!” That’s exactly what it felt like. I stumbled upon the Scott Brothers last year, and was ecstatic that I finally found a brand I wanted to be an ambassador of.

The quest was on to write a shiny new cover letter and make sure the resume was to tip top perfection. I submit my materials. Then, it dawns on me. My LinkedIn didn’t reflect my best! My profile was just an echo of my resume, my profile picture didn’t scream professional, and my overall skill set  could’ve been displayed better. This kicked my drive to overhaul my LinkedIn.

It began with scheduling not one, but TWO photoshoots for business head shots. And I gotta say the results were pretty awesome! 😉

Wrote new descriptions for my roles at my various jobs, and really began to edit… edit… and EDIT my writing. Talk about a branding overhaul.

Even though I didn’t exactly land my dream jobs, I still took a way a lot out the experience. Even being acknowledged by Buzzfeed was huge for me since this was the closest thing to big job news since I graduated college three years ago.

A message really stuck with me yesterday and it was this quote from Nelson Mandela.Nelson_Mandela_Impossible_Image_Unitl_It_s_Done

Our dreams shouldn’t be restricted. Only WE limit ourselves. Break a barrier, crack a glass ceiling. Morale of the story: Even if there’s a no… there are 1,000,000 yeses waiting for you.


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