Dear Westie Family

Dear Westie Family,

There’s a beautiful irony after watching West Coast Swing’s biggest stage (The Open) this weekend, I announce this delicate decision. It’s a decision that’s brewed for a long time but hadn’t solidified until this weekend. It’s with a bittersweet heart I announce my hiatus from West Coast Swing events and competing in 2017.

It’s not to say that the three years I’ve been doing WCS haven’t been amazing. I legitimately gained a family through so many communities (especially Texas), and I couldn’t be more appreciative of everyone’s support, encouragement, mentorship, and coaching over the years. However, when adulting kicks in you have to listen to your body, heart, and wallet.

It’s no secret that our dancing adventure is an expensive one. This year I traveled more than I ever have for dance, putting it on several different credit cards. I know there are SO many hacks to dancing for cheap when it comes to events. Hell, if anyone knows how to do ANYTHING cheap, it’s an Asian woman, right? ;). I read somewhere that if dance is starting to stress you out beyond the floor emotionally, financially, and physically it’s time to slow down. Financially is where I need to straighten out my life. Student loans, credit cards, cell phone, car payments > dance. #AdultingSucks.

In addition to making saving money a priority for 2017, job elevation is also another one of my goals. I’ve been in the same position for 4 years (nothing wrong with that), and I love my job. Who doesn’t love a job with the school district where your set hours aren’t terrible, and you get to vacay whenever the students are off? Competing against myself, I’ve been slacking so it’s time to get a clean slate and hustle even harder.

Dance travel has also taken time from my family. Time that I’d like to take advantage of while I still have the opportunity. I’m lucky to be so close to my family when others live thousands of miles away. They deserve to get 100% of me.

Thank you to everyone. Whether you geeked out with me. You were complimentary of my dancing or DJ sets, coached me, mentored me from miles away, YOU are a part of me. My drive, passion, and love come from a beautiful modge podge of loving people. I look forward to regaining my joy of pure breathtaking social dancing, fan girl convos about dancing and life, and simply awesome friendship. Fear not! I have some “dance” related non-event trips I’m considering to visit some dance fam.

2016 you did me right. You matured me. You challenged me, and you’ve given me more love than I ever deserved.

Keep dancing,


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