The Spotlight Can Wait

Hello, friends,

2016 means something different to everyone. For me, it meant that it wasn’t my turn. “Spotlight moments” aka the standard graduations, job promotions, engagements, etc. didn’t happen for me — and that’s perfectly fine. I didn’t think so at first, but as we’re nearing the year’s end I learned a very valuable lesson this year. No matter higher being you believe in, if you believe in one at all — timing is something you’re just going to have faith in and trust that it’s all happens for a reason.

One prime example was the big #BuzzfeedGate2016.  After applying to Buzzfeed for a producer fellowship, the HR representative contacted me and wanted to schedule an interview. Thanks to Google, it had sorted that email into a “junk” folder that I never saw. By the time I saw it and contacted him back, it was too late. All the interviews were booked, and they weren’t looking for new fellows until the fall. It crushed me. This was my opportunity to get out of Oklahoma and live out my dream with one of the biggest online entertainment companies of the world — all gone thanks to a technical snafu. However, in reality it was a blessing.

You see if I did take that job with Buzzfeed, I would’ve had to pack up my life, move thousands of miles away from my family all within a 2 week period. That would’ve been the biggest move in my life and I’m not sure I would’ve been ready for that. It would’ve been a tornado of big adulting decisions and actions hitting me all at once, and usually someone takes MONTHS, hell even years to prepare for that kind of stuff. Buzzfeed would’ve been an awesome opportunity, but the great things about opportunities is that it doesn’t just knock once — it finds a way to meet you again and again in life when things are supposed to happen.

Another story of 2016 I’d like to share is the tale of my fellow colleague and close friend, Ricarda. I love that girl to death, and something amazing happened to her this year. She was a recipient of Taco Bell’s Live Mas scholarship program! I couldn’t have been more proud of this girl. Taco Bell flew her out a few times to make speeches in front of their high level executives, the made a mini documentary on her, and chose her to be an ambassador of their scholarship program. While I’m super proud of her for everything, I hate to admit that yes I was jealous.

It had been so long since anything momentous had happen to me, and I started to feel like I was a big fat failure. Here’s this 20 year old young woman conquering the world, and here’s me: A 3 year post grad who’s had the same job, no promotion, same town I went to high school. No fancy car, no husband, no kids, just a chick who goes home at 4:15 everyday and spends her nights Netflix binging.  I couldn’t let my envy get the best of me. Ricarda’s a colleague I care deeply about, and if anything her story and her achievements inspired me to chase after my dreams.

I could tell you more stories of friends getting engaged/married, having kids, moving away and doing HUGE things with their careers. I’m in the midst of my annual “How I Met Your Mother” binge, the lead character, Ted Mosby, literally almost said something similar when all of his close friends started having important stuff happen to them. The big take away for me is that 2016 was a year for me to enjoy. So what if I didn’t move away to some big city to become a producer? That’s going to happen… just not right now. And you know what? I’ve already laid out some goals for 2017. Yes! 2017 is going to be the  year Phammers kicked ass and took names. 2016 you were a bitch to get through for a lot of people, but come 2017, I’ll be ready to make it a memorable year. Cheers.


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