Top 5 Reasons to go to Swingtacular!

Westies (aka West Coast Swing dancers) shouldn’t need any persuasion to get to Swingtacular. In case you do, here a just a few reasons why this event is out of this world (pun totes intended).

5. Live music creates dance magic!

Dancing to live music is the sh*t, and the Event Directors Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross (also known as BAMEO) are true champions of live music. In the Galactic show, musical artists will perform alongside some of the routine couples, giving a fresh perspective to incredible works of choreography. In addition, they perform live sets during social dancing. Everyone has the opportunity to dance to awesome talent! In the past, they’ve hosted acts like Noah Guthrie, RJ Aquino, and Meredith McHenry.

4. Because the Invitational Three For All needs to be witnessed in person.

In groups of three, they will either set up for either a steal (two leads, one follow) or a double trouble (two follows, one lead). Yeah, you know… normal stuff like this happens:

“Mike” drop worthy.

Arjay Centeno dropping a “Mike” (Carringer)

3. Let’s talk about the “Routinesive” shall we?

It’s one thing to witness your idols performing influential works of art in front of your eyes on a big stage, but to actually learn the routine to them sounds like a dream, right? That’s exactly what you get to do at Swingtacular! In a six-hour intensive style workshop, the performers/choreographers of a game-changing WCS routine teach the participants the choreography! Last year’s Routinesive was Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake’s Johnny B. Goode, and I don’t have to tell you how successful the intensive was. Just look at this performance!

This year, Ben Morris and Jennifer DeLuca will be teaching their “Busta” routine from 2013. Considering this piece changed the course of West Coast Swing (and hands down my favorite routine of all time, that alone should draw you to Swingtacular!

2. A staff that’s A1. 


A fabulous Swingtacular staff photo!  Photo cred: Brad Whelan


With a roster of creme of the crop instructors, Swingtacular’s leveled workshops educate its dancers with tools specific to their progress, and helps sharpens their skills not a lot of events offer! Something unique to Swingtacular is the “insta-lessons” for only $15!  The professionals give up so much of their time at this event, and these accessible mini one-on-one consultations are just another example of gracious the staff is! Special solo tracks to add other elements to your WCS like hip hop, ballet, and jazz are also available! Oh! And the music! Like I said, awesome live music acts, but also a DJ staff with a wide range that’s sure to keep you in the ballroom waaaaay past your bedtime. Like see the sunrise past your bedtime. 😉

Cameo Cross and Ben McHenry perform “Devil With A Blue Dress” Classic Routine at the US Open 2014



Cameo Cross, Sivle YelserP, Ben McHenry at Swingtacular 2016 Photo Cred: Brad Whelan


There’s obviously way more reasons to check out this event, but if you’ve experienced any DanceGeek Production convention, you know it’s done with 100% greatest of attention to detail. That’s all in thanks to their event directors. Any E.D. worth their salt needs to listen and incorporate the needs of the attendees, while not losing their creative vision and what THEY out of the event. I have friends from all over the world who say that they come back to Swingtacular because everything is thought of: the music, the on time contests, the welcoming and awesome social dancing that keeps you up all night. You learn, play, and watch mesmerizing dancing all weekend.

What are you waiting for?! Check out the event page on Facebook to RSVP! More details are also on the event website. PS they’re capping their numbers this year due to space, so make sure you keep an eye out when tickets go on sale! Get your <DANCEGEEK> on! 😉

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