You Get To Find A New Dream

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After viewing the amazing Broadway production that is She Loves Me thanks to BroadwayHD, I had a curiosity and wonder if an opportunity was available at what appeared to be an elite and showstopping company. BroadwayHD is a streaming service that offers live performance lovers everywhere the chance to experience the theater even if they are thousands of miles away from Broadway. Lo and behold they were looking for an Office Manager in their administrative Maine office.

I decided to venture a shot at the role candidacy because I had an instinctual feeling a connection within this company could take my dreams as far and as big as The Big Apple.

I half expected not to get any sort of contact. 2 short days after I submitted my application on LinkedIn, Vice President Benjamin Birney emailed me and asked if I could schedule a phone call to explain how I visualize BroadwayHD in my career path.

The following morning we shared a thoroughly delightful phone conversation. It even started with a mention of my humble little blog. To my shock Birney told me they were willing to make me a serious candidate for the position – with a possible Skype interview and a trip to Portland, Maine provided everything went well with the feedback. It was a thrilling feeling knowing I was nervous and scared, and yet this highly intelligent and highly successful individual saw me as someone who had potential.


I went online did some digging on the living situation. While I’m sure there were affordable options out there, seeing the staggering numbers of my future budget (with my incurring debt the size of Mount Everest factoring in) made it all too real that Maine wouldn’t be a possibility. Nothing crushed me more than writing that application withdrawal email.


Furious with myself letting this happen by amassing a ludicrous amount of debt I spent the next few days crying, punching shower walls and being passive aggressive about everything – basically being a grump. This was my dream. High school Steph was OBSESSED (and let’s be honest still obsessed) with Broadway, and the fact that I could’ve been part of a company that delivers the opulence and magic that is live theater to people’s home through media was like my career soulmate.

But I learned something throughout this journey. Funny enough, the star of the show that started this epic career quest for me, Zachary Levi, was the one that imparted this lesson to me.

As I was scrolling through Zac’s media on his Twitter, I came across a note he’d written.


Little did he know the note resonated with me on more levels than one. So much of my anger from walking away this once-in-a-lifetime shot was spent on the fact that I was insecure I wasn’t living up to expectations set before me. Thinking my passions and interests were never going to be good enough to make an impact on the world. Through the several interviews, panels, messages I’ve seen throughout Levi’s career, I always admired his optimism, humility, and way with words that spread hope. When I needed a sign my dreams weren’t gone, I got one from someone I very much looked up to (and not just because he’s 6’3” and I’m 4’9”  😉).


Zac who voices Flynn Rider in Tangled says one of my favorite Disney quotes, and it’s in the title of this post. When Rapunzel asks Flynn, “What if the lanterns are all I hoped for? What next,” he simply replies, “Well, then you get to find a new dream.”

To my family and friends, thank you for sticking with me. You’ve stayed by my side no matter how much my dreams have evolved. Thank you for not doubting me, giving me a dose of reality when I needed one, and being honest with me because you cared about me and my future. Thank you to Ben Birney. It was a truly humbling and honor of an experience just being able to talk to you. I hope that maybe someday we could collaborate on a project together if I ever make my way out to the east coast. You’re classy, gracious, and I hope whoever fills the Office Manager role serves you with dedication, respect, and integrity because you deserve nothing less.

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

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