Self Worth & Phamily: The Story Behind My Chosen Words For MyIntent

I’m not one to buy into Facebook ads. However, the ones for “MyIntent” kept popping up in my NewsFeed so I decided to check out their story and mission.


Their mission statement grabbed my attention because I’m a conversationalist at heart. God gave me the gift of incessantly talking. The older I get, the more I realize we must choose our words wisely. Even though “actions speak louder than words,” words have a lasting impact – for better or for worse.

The Story Behind The Words I Chose – “YOU ARE WORTHY.” 


 It’s strange. I appear to be this bubbly, upbeat, and overly-zealous girl with a personality double my stature. On the inside lies a woman filled with doubt. This inner voice that tells me, “You’ll never amount to anything more than you are right now.”

It was easy to feel safe in high school and college, but as the real world hit and the security blanket left me, reality constantly had me question my self-worth. It wasn’t until I began following my passions and connecting with things that made my soul happy (i.e. dancing, DJing, storytelling, blogging) that I truly began to see how I was making an impact on the world with my voice, with my story.

“You are worthy. You are loved.” – Zachary Levi. I could begin divulging into an epic novel that would last the entire Star Wars saga on how much Zachary Levi has influenced me over the past four years. To save you the time (and quite frankly the annoying fangirling) I’ll tell you that the moment I heard this quote, it became a life mantra. Would I tattoo it on my right shoulder blade? Maybe not. Will I look at this daily reminder to remind myself that I HAVE greatness within me? HELL YEAH.

So much of my adult life was spent valuing myself based on one silly notion – my online presence. That’s right. I was that girl. If I didn’t get likes on Facebook, I thought something was wrong with me. If I didn’t get much feedback on a photo, I thought I wasn’t pretty enough. Those ridiculous assumptions constructed my perception of life daily.

There was this unspoken presence that stuck on me like a barnacle onto a whale clinging for dear life. It was this feeling that I kept letting my family down because I wasn’t some big-time producer in Hollywood/New York. It took adulthood to remind me that, no matter what career level I reach, or whatever path I choose, they love me regardless, which brings me to the next word that I chose.


IMG_5632 2

In a sentence – they are my world. They inspire me EVERY DAY. My little sister kicking ass academically, and pushing herself to constantly succeed. My older sister’s fearlessness, charging into the unknown with a fierce independence. My parents with the multitude of sacrifices they’ve had to make for me and my sisters doesn’t even begin to describe my motivation. They truly put the purpose into my actions.

When I attended the TedExOU event years ago, we were asked to put on a block, “Before I die, I want to ____________.” One of the things I listed was “to make my family proud.” Do I feel like I’ve made my family proud? In a sense, yes. That doesn’t mean I’m done. I have so much more to do, so many more things to do, so many more things to advocate for, many more stories to tell, and many dreams to fulfill.  

I chose YOU ARE WORTHY and PHAMILY as my words of intent, my purpose. I hope you find your purpose. Don’t be afraid to be a fool in the process (Ed Helms has a wonderful commencement speech about that). Go out in the world not only THINKING about your actions but think about your words. What’s your word of purpose? What’s your why?


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