30 Day Stress Relief Journal – Day 2

Day 2: What’s going well in your life right now? 

Self-worth. I’ve come to a place where I truly base my value and worthiness off of my attitude, ethos, and kindness I deliver out to the world.

I suffered from Obsessive Comparison Disorder for the longest time. Especially when I was in dance. I would see all of my friends level up rapidly, and I was stagnant. I kept blaming my surroundings when really I should have been owning the responsibility of my successes and failures.

Over comparing didn’t only apply to my dance life, but I was like a lot of others mid-20s who would question their worth if they didn’t meet job promotion, marriage, and kid in a crazy timeline. Time is fleeting, but that doesn’t mean we have to live by society’s preposterous expectations. Success is different for everyone. Just because someone’s not rolling in the Benjamins, or they’re not married with 5 kids doesn’t mean they’re not successful.

This past weekend the pastor asked in the sermon: What’s your mission? What’s your purpose? (A question I often ask myself) Service with positivity. I love how Ellen DeGeneres chose to end her show with the outro – “Be Kind To One Another.” Honestly, I’ve had my biggest successes simply by being compassionate and relatable. I don’t believe in a mentality where there’s a social hierarchy. As long as you put out your best character, love and positive energy that says a lot more about you than any status symbol ever will.

For all the youngins’ about to go to college, maybe you graduated college unsure of the next step, or maybe you’re like me and you’re in your mid 20s (or 30s) and you by definition “don’t have your shit together” – I’m here to tell you IT’S OK. Struggle exists. Challenge is inevitable. But like Perry in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” says, “You can’t control the world, only how you respond to it.” Let challenge strengthen your self worth not defeat you. Let challenges make you appreciate the little things. Remember – you’re BAD ASS, you’re awesome, and you a fierce amazing human being. *Beyoncé Hair Flip*

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