30 Day Stress Relief Journal – Day 3



Day 3: Describe a happy memory? What do you see, smell, hear, feel? 

I was originally going to write about my family trip to Disney World back in 2010. About how the color was mega-watt vibrant, the smells of many varieties of food, the feeling of a euphoria cornucopia (that’s basically Disney World). I loved Disney World, and I love going on family adventures. However, I wanted to take this blog post as an opportunity to write about a lesson I learned – not letting someone take away your happiness.

We all know I sorta, kinda, maybe have a crush on Zac Levi. I sat at dinner with a friend recently and what I love about her is that she’s a realist, she keeps me in check. However, it was this question she asked me that ate away at me, “Steph why do you keep stalking celebrities?” I didn’t have an answer at the moment. I simply shrugged and kept eating. After reflecting on it, I came up with an honest answer. I remember when a guy on a TV show or movie asked a friend of his why she liked a singer so much, and she said, “because he won’t hurt me. He’s not going to tell me I’m too fat, or I’m too ugly.”

My self-esteem isn’t why I necessarily I was attracted to Zac or any crushes of my past (YES, I had crushes on people I was friends with or I met IRL, relax). Further clarification I wasn’t into Zac based on notoriety, I am not and NEVER was a gold digger. It’s the old cliche saying of, “you can’t help who you fall for.” His humor captured me instantly within the first second. His benevolence is something of a former era, something rare and unique.

ANYWAY, long novel somewhat short, I not only connect with Zac on this indescribable human level, but he honestly makes me happy. After hearing “why do you stalk celebrities,” crying for a good while in bed last night, researching if there was something wrong with my mental sanity, I came to a conclusion with the help of a beautiful friend.

Don’t let people steal your happiness. I’m a jovial person, and I’m allowed as a human being to feel however the hell I want. HAPPINESS is a gift and taking it from someone not only corrupts you but it corrupts the person you take it from. So, to the haters know that karma does come back around – (look up “The Bachelorette”, Rachel’s season, ep.2 section -Demario). Happiness is YOURS and yours alone. But like dreams, it’s something you hustle for. You go through shit to appreciate the happy.  Whether it’s an external or internal happy blocker YOU deserve to be happy. End of story. So go blast that over-played Pharrell hit, dance your ass off, and yes BE HAPPY.


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