30 Day Stress Relief Journal Day 7

Day 7: Today I love my body because…. 

Today I love my body because it tells the story of my past and present.

Hello, Steph Pham readers!

Today I’m feeling rather confident, and it’s not because I made the effort of waking up at 5:30 A.M. to shower, style my hair and makeup before work

Photog Credit: Ricarda Esquibel

I’m feeling rather confident, because I wanted to be positive within myself today, and it helped boost my mood and perspective tremendously.

It wasn’t easy getting here….

Hi, my name is Stephanie (Hiiiiiii, Stephanie) and I fill a void of loneliness with food. Let me tell ya, the “freshman 15” doesn’t only exist in college. Being a post-grad causes some of us (or maybe just me) to turn to food when we’re not even hungry. I’ve literally turned to ice cream whenever I’m depressed about another one of my friends being engaged/married. I’ve binged on barbecue potato chips whenever I felt like I was failing on my career path.

My gym membership might as well be a monthly donation to the fitness center because I haven’t been in ages. I used to be so fit and adamant about treating my body right. In college, I went to Zumba 3-4 times a week, I didn’t pig out (even though fried mac n’ cheese was my weakness), and I was aware of how I looked. Now when I look in the mirror, I see myself SO much curvier, a lot chunkier, and possess a lot more chins than normal… All because I tie my emotions with food.

But this post isn’t to bitch about my body. It’s about celebrating the fact that flaws and I accept and love who I am.



My petite frame (all 4’10” of it) makes me fun size! Do I hate not being able to reach the top shelf at the grocery store, especially when I’m trying to reach the damn iced animal crackers? No, but my height does have its advantages.

Do I hate going to the dermatologist every month for a very painful shot on my hip, because I have a 3×5 in” keloid? Not particularly, but scars are a part of us, and for 27 years I’ve had to learn to accept every part of who I am.

Like I’ve said many times on this blog, I’ve had self-worth issues for a long period of time.  My support network showed me my value doesn’t come from my appearance. It comes from my willingness to learn and persistence to not give up. It comes from my desire to empathize and connect with others in positive moments. My value comes from God’s desire to execute his purpose for me.

Despite all the bullshit, the media will feed you, (and that’s actually coming from someone in the media industry), beauty is within everyone. We reflect our inner beauty when we respect our minds, souls, and whole bodies. Beauty is in your drive, it’s in your hustle, your kindness, your heart, and your talent. Kill the world with your kindness, and mark the world with your beauty.



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