30 Day Stress Relief Journal Day 8

Day 8: What are two negative thoughts you don’t want anymore? What can you do to let go? 

If you had to rate me on the optimist-pessimist scale, you could say I’m in between. I’m not a raging optimist (even though I try to be), and I’m not someone who is exactly completely negative 100% of the time. I do, as a human, experience negative thoughts, and here are two that I would like to do away with.

1) I’m at fault for everything. – Even saying this seems a little neurotic and outlandish. I can’t be responsible for all the bad things happing in the world. However, I find myself constantly worrying or blaming myself things don’t go right. This mentality should not exist. A good person recognizes human error but blaming oneself for something one doesn’t have control over hurts the mental health.

What can I do to let this go? 

I will allow the process of grievances over regrets, vent and let out my emotions. I will also start learning how to accept the fact that sometimes other players are involved and they might not own their mistakes. I have to shift the focus back on what I can do for me, and what can I POSITVEVLY do for me.

2) I’m going to end up single and alone forever. 

I know this is the typical mid-20s single female thing to say, but YES. I do think about this. I fell for someone who I am WAY beyond out of their league. It physically hurts sometimes to know that I found someone who feels like my other half (even though a) we’ve never met, and b) I don’t believe in soul mates).

What can I do to let this go? First step is to let Jesus take the freakin’ wheel. Only he knows who is right for me. I can’t try to drive the car all the time, if I go off every exit I think is Mr. Right. Second – Don’t drink the haterade. I’ve actually had people say to my face, “You know he’s all the way up here, and you’re all the way down here, right?” Let’s just stop and think about this for a second. What if someone told you, you couldn’t eat Haagen Daaz ice cream because you’re only cheap enough to Great Value? First of all ice cream is ice cream, and love is love. Let’s all clarify that I KNOW fully well there’s a huge chance I might not end up with this guy. But that doesn’t mean I should deem myself UNWORTHY enough to die single and alone. In  the words of Lin Manuel Miranda…. “Love is love, is love, is love, is love, is love…” Oh, I guess I could also try a dating site or two… I heard those don’t hurt. Or ya know a blind date… (“But that’s just a first impression I could be totally wrong.” *Stops “First Date” references.*) 

Negative thoughts hold as much power as you let them have. They suck. The more positivity we instill in our lives, the better it will be I promise. Yesterday, I started the morning with some positive thoughts and prayers, and it helped set a great foundation for the day. Think good thoughts. There might not be instant gratification, but yes indeed something good will come out of it.


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