30 Day Stress Relief Journal – Day 9


*Author’s note – I cheated and stole the “30-day letter writing challenge” prompt because I thought writing about sleep sounded boring. 

Letter Writing Challenge Day 9 – Write To Someone You Wish You Could Meet 

(Y’all already know who this is going to… so I’ll try to be the least bit repetitive from my previous blogs I can be.

Dear Zac Levi, 

Well, it’s obvious judging by my previous posts you are a person I’d very much like to meet.

If we were to sit down and grab a drink together to chat, I’d start off by saying how much I appreciate your transparency and honesty. I’ve looked up to people in the past who took advantage of passionate and enthusiastic people for their own personal gain. You’ve done no such thing. Even if you “have to set someone straight” you do it in a respectful way where you listen to their perspective and back up your own statements with truth rather than letting your pathos/emotions drive the argument.

Being a conversationalist at heart, I could picture that if we did meet, we’d be the type of people that would talk until last call/closing time. We’d analyze the shit out of Disney films, we’d talk about random facts (did you know the filling between the wafers in KitKats are actually just melted “imperfect” KitKats? WHOA), and we’d laugh until our sides throbbed with pain from laughing too hard. That’s something key I look for in friendships (and beyond) is someone that loves to connect through story and conversation as much as I do. And loves to laugh.

I know you said on Anna’s podcast that people often put “celebrities” on pedestals. Maybe that’s what I’ve done in the past, and maybe I’m doing that to you. However, I know God didn’t instill this sense of admiration for no reason. If anything it’s to motivate me to create some progression and change in my life.

So, anyway… you probably won’t read this, BUT… if you do, thank you. In the words of “The Golden Girls,” “Thank you for being a friend.” Zac Levi, you are indeed a true friend.

P.S. I’m still hoping I can be your first… pho experience that is. 😜

Mischievously yours,



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