30 Days of Journaling – Day 14

Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely believe in and support you, and whom you trust.

** This is list is hella huge, so allow me to get through it, haha.

My Dance Fam –  Y’all encouraged me since I met you felt the love since day 1. Thank you for allowing me to DJ, and allowing me to share my storytelling through music. Thank you for dancing with me, even though I’m not a graceful swan. You guys have always seen me not where I am now, but a more confident and self-loving person I could be.

Tessa – My Broadway diva sister. I’m so glad we met through mutual friends, but have created a unique friendship all on our own. Thank you for reminding me he’s espresso, I’m french press. Thank you for reminding me the love I’m worthy of deserving. You deserve every drop of happiness if not 1,000,000 times more.

Lauren! – Before Nebraska takes you away from me, I have to say something. From the first day I met you in Physical Science freshman year of high school to now, I could not have asked for someone as supportive, energetic (sometimes more! I kid, I kid), and a wonderful friend. You have never stopped believing in me and supporting me. You are my Disney bestie for life, haha. Know that I support and believe in you.  The incredible amount of hard work and dedication are going to impact the world in such a positive way.

Vee – My Asian twin from another mother! Can you believe it’s been 7 years? Gleeks at first but then Shumone brought us even closer. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to have these #GrownUpAsianProblems discussions. You are a HUGE reason why I’m not going to let anyone steal my joy. I’m not only chasing dreams, I’m catching them and making them come true.

Jane – I don’t know how many times we’ve broken bread and discussed our life problems, haha. You are truly kicking life’s glASS right now, and I could not be more proud. Thank you for listening to me bitch 90% of the time. Thank you for guiding me with wisdom from the life experiences I never had. You are not only wise, you’re compassionate.

Heather – What started out as dance friendship turned into a bond that we used to motivate and push each other. Look at you slayin’ your goals for 2K17. I’m beyond excited and happy for you. Thank you for thinking of me, and let’s do more board game nights, huh? 🙂

Ricarda – You inspire me on a daily basis. Seeing you thrive in sharing your personal journey last year was a highlight in our friendship. Thank you for being there when I needed it. Thank you for your patience and extended generosity. I love our friendship, and I love you.

Brandon – Brandino! Broseph! You were always more than just a coach to me. You were my friend who I could laugh with, could talk with, and you took a chance on my DJ skills before you even heard one of my sets live. You are truly the brother I never had, and I’m blessed to have you in my life.

My Phamily – Honestly speaking, we don’t always see eye to eye… but so many cases where they could have acted like “stereotypical Asians” pushing me into medicine, law, or something “successful,” they allowed me to be me. I’m far from being done on my journey, and it’s beautiful knowing I have a support system pushing me to better myself each step.


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